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Trust Ledger AccountingTM

Ø  Trust Ledger AccountingTM is insurance fiduciary accounting. It has been developed for the specific needs of insurance premium and return premium transactions. Trust Ledger Accounting enables agency managers to monitor, control and report premium funds’ financial solvency;

Ø  Trust Ledger AccountingTM requires premium funds to be placed in a separate ledger of accounts so they can be separated from the agency general funds, not only physically in different bank accounts but also in the accounting process. To distinguish it from General Ledger (GL) Accounting, Paulmar as branded insurance trust accounting as Trust Ledger (TL) AccountingTM;

Ø  Since all agency management systems are currently GL accounting-based, all P&C insurance agencies use General Ledger (GL) accounting for premium financial management.  Although suitable for business operating funds, GL accounting is inadequate for insurance premium and return premium transactions. Agencies managers are currently unable to reliably monitor and control, as required by law, the financial solvency of premium funds.

Ø  TL accounting supports a reliable premium financial solvency reporting system. The following reports are now available to analyze trust account financial solvency:

1.       Trust Account Balance SheetTM

2.       Receipts & Disbursements StatementTM (Premium Float StatementTM)

3.       Solvency AnalysisTM

4.       Premium Float AnalysisTM

5.       Statement of Trust Funds BeneficiariesTM


Ø  F or more information on GL accounting’s inadequacy for insurance premium transactions, click on the links below:


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